2013/02/07Product Recall >>

    Product Recall Thank you for your support with next Japan.

    We have a notice for customers who have purchased a padded jacket for girls (picture above). This garment was one of items for 2013, next happy bag and also sold at the stores after the new year. 1 of total stock (1,100pcs) has been found a pin at this stage.

    We would like to collect and test for metal detection again with all the merchandise as it is possible to be included pin in the jackets that customers have, in order to avoid to harm the skin. We will return the merchandise after further inspection.

    As for the collection, please bring the merchandise to the nearest store from your place, or send to the address listed below.
    We will make sure to further improve the quality and confirm the safety of our merchandise.
    If there are any questions, please contact to the number listed below:

    Merchandise: Padded jacket with hoodie (ivory color)
    Item no. 799-614 (listed in the washing instructions)

    Contact No: 0120-345-299 (Weekdays 10am to 5:30pm)
    Address to send: 3-7-35 Asahi, Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan
    next Department