2014/12/22Inspection required for Sheepskin(mouton) boots >>

    Inspection required for Sheepskin(mouton) boots Inspection required for Sheepskin(mouton) boots.
    Thank you for your purchases with next,

    We’ve discovered a metal object in one of the sheepskin (mouton) boots that we sold in our stores prior to 17th December (Wednesday).

    It may harm the skin when worn, in order for us to take preventative measures,
    we would like to kindly ask for your corporation in sending the item back to us temporarily, for safety inspection.

    Regarding the return of the item, please bring the item to one of our stores nearest you,
    Or have them delivered to the address below by cash-on-delivery.
    We will carefully examine each item and will return to you after we are fully confirmed that the item is safe to use.

    We will take preventative measure in order to further improve our quality control with our items,
    And we deeply apologize for any inconveniences caused,

    Please feel free to call the free-dial listed below for any questions,

    Items: Sheepskin (mouton) boots
    Item #: 674-057(black) 673-733(camel) 677-586(gray) 675-138(beige) 694-951(pink)
    Inquiry number: 0120-345-299 (Weekday 10AM~5:30PM)
    Xebio Co.Ltd, next Department
    3-7-35 Asahi, Koriyama-City, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, 963-8024