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Information Disclosure Policy

Disclosing Information

We at XEBIO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called XEBIO) made it a basic principle to provide accurate corporate information in a timely manner to gain correct understandings and trust of stakeholders including shareholders and investors.

Standard for Disclosing Information

We swiftly disclose information in compliance with “Financial Instruments and Exchange Law” and, other related laws and regulations and “Timely Disclosure Rules” specified by Tokyo Stock Exchange, based on the basic principle of rapid transparency, fairness and consistency. Also for the information which is not compliant with “Timely Disclosure Rules”, when it is necessary or useful for gaining understandings of all stakeholders, we will disclose information in a timely and proactive manner.

Method for Disclosing Information

Information that fall under the category of material fact stipulated by “Timely Disclosure Rules”, are disclosed through “Timely Disclosure network” (hereinafter called TDnet) provided by the same stock exchange after prior explanation to Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the same rule. At the same time, we will provide the same information to mass media and publish the same materials on our website without delay. Also, we are making sure that information that does not fall under the category of the Company Act and its related regulations or “Timely Disclosure Rules” are accurately and fairly transferred to stakeholders by an appropriate method on the basis of the principles of Timely Disclosure.

Materials for Disclosure

Disclosed materials required by regulations:Earnings summary, publication of account settlement, financial statements and quarterly report.

Voluntarily disclosed materials: Results briefing materials, business reports, press releases and monthly data of sales volume.

Future Prospect

In addition to earnings forecast to submit to Tokyo Stock Exchange, we may provide information to all the shareholders, investors and securities analysts related to forecast of business performance. In addition, written documents issued by us, materials, contents of website, and question-and-answer session at the time of result briefing or analyst meeting etc. may include plans, prospects and strategies. Since such information is simply based on available information at the time of creation, please refrain from placing undue reliance on such information when reviewing our business performance and corporate value etc. Please note that actual performance of the business may differ from these prospects because there are various inherent uncertainties.

Positioning of this Website

This website is set up on the purpose of offering the convenience to the people who want to browse information related to XEBIO on the Internet. For timely and fair disclosure of information, we are publishing said information on this website as soon as such information is disclosed. However, disclosure in this website is positioned as merely auxiliary since there are possibilities that the disclosure of such information could be delayed due to failure in information-communication technology and so forth. Please fully understand above when you browse our website.

Quiet Periods

We have set duration from the next day of the accounting day of each quarter to earnings announcement date as “Quiet Periods”. We ask for your understanding for that we will refrain from comments and answers relating to account settlements during this period; provided,however, this shall not be applied to query about the information which are already published. Furthermore, in the case there are chances that earnings forecast are going to veer from our forecast very far during “Quiet Period”, we will disclose information in a timely manner in accordance with “Timely Disclosure Rules”.


To view XEBIO information in this website, please refer not only to this “Disclosure Policy” but also to the “Disclaimer” which are posted separately.