IR Information


Dividends Policy

We consider return to shareholders as well as enhancements of corporate value over the medium to long terms are major management issues. Our basic principle of dividends is to adequately allocate profits based on the business performance on a continuous basis while aiming to secure stable business bases in a long terms as well as enhancing internal reserve.
As for dividend during the year ended March 31, 2023, we expect annual dividend of 30.0 yen with interim dividend of 15.0 yen and year-end dividend of 15.0 yen.

With Regard to Retained Earnings

  • In order to strengthen financial standing and to cope with expected intensifying competition aimed at stable growth, we are utilizing retained earnings for:
  • 1. Investment in building new stores, remodeling and increasing floor space
  • 2. Investment in product development to adequately meet various needs of the customers
  • 3. Investment in information system aiming for management efficiency improvement
  • to strive for the stabilization and expansion of business bases.