Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your personal information (any information that can be used to identify you personally) very seriously.

Privacy Policy

1)We Collect, Use, Provide and Deposit Personal Information in an Appropriate Manner.

Collecting, using, providing and depositing personal information against the person’s will is a violation of personal rights as well as it leads to loss of trust as business operator. Thus, we have set down rules clearly of such collection, use, provision or deposition of personal information to manage personal information in an appropriate manner. We will collect within the extent necessary for the use after clearly displaying purpose of collection and address for query in case we collect personal information. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without prior consent of the customer unless upon legal request. Also, in case we provide customer’s personal information to subcontractors, we will bind them to protection of personal information by making them signing up for nondisclosure agreement etc, as well as we mandate subcontractors to ensure proper handling of personal information.

2)We Countermeasure to Prevent Loss, Destruction and Leak of Personal Information.

To prevent loss, destruction, tampering and leak of personal information, we take information security countermeasures such as countermeasure for fraudulent access or for virus.

3)We Will Abide by Laws and Other Norms.

With respect to handling personal information, we will comply with internal rules as well as abide by laws relating to personal information and other rules commencing with Private Information Protection Law. Additionally, we will train and inspire employees as well as board members.

4)We Comply with Information Protection and Improve Program Continuously.

We draw out, implement, maintain and continuously improve compliance program related to protection of personal information.

5)Introducing Services and Products and Contacting Us.

We will use customer’s personal information within the purpose of collection which is clearly specified beforehand. In addition, we may introduce you about information related to services or products purchased by you by e-mail or post. You can cancel these introduction service by contacting to the after-mentioned e-mail address in case you do not need these introduction.
Please contact us at personal information query team for reference, correction and deletion to your personal information.

XEBIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Tomoyoshi Morohashi

Privacy Policy

XEBIO Holdings Co., Ltd.(hereafter called “XEBIO”) understands that most of the Internet users are concerned about privacy and securities.Whether you are accessing our website for the purpose of purchasing our company products or merely browsing, we want to provide safe and enjoyable web-experience to our website viewers by protecting personal information with our privacy policy and by security measures. Please read our privacy policy described here and we ask you for understanding for the following.

  • ■What is Personal Information?
  • ■Regarding Personal Information
  • ■Using Cookies.
  • ■Where do Collected Data Go?
  • ■About Management Structure.
  • ■Using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)
  • ■How is Information Used
  • ■Range of Use of Information.
  • ■What You Can Do to Protect Your Personal Information
  • ■Making Corrections to Collected Information.
  • ■Other Confidential Information Othere Than Personal Information.
  • ■Scope of Application Of This Policy

■What is Personal Information?

Personal information is the information about you which is personally identifiable by date of birth, address, identity card number, phone number, e-mail address, image, voice etc., and that is managed by recording medium such as paper or computer, or that can be saved in a written form or in the various information equipment (including recording medium such as personal computers, various servers, terminals, floppy disks, CD-ROMs and data communication equipment).

■Regarding Personal Information

We collect your personal information when you purchase from this website. We do not ask for personal information if you are only browsing.
We may also collect information of users who have applied for prizes, participated in our contest, attended our promotion campaign, responded to our surveys or sent e-mails to us. In any case we collect personal information, it will always contain link to this “Privacy Policy” page. Please do not post your personal information in our bulletin board service placed in some pages of our website.
XEBIO’s server collects information about domain names of website visitors. This information is summarized in order to learn more about which pages get how much traffic and the average time users spend on each page. This information is used to measure traffic volume and improvement of contents.

■Using Cookies.

When you access our website, a small text file called cookie may be stored in your hard disk. With the cookies through our website we can ascertain whether and how many times a given user has accessed this website. We can get information on which page viewer have accessed or what was in the shopping cart (if any) in the last access. Please be aware that cookies are safe. Cookies cannot be executed as code or used for distribution of viruses. Additionally, cookies cannot collect or store personal information. In general, we may use cookies in the following purpose:

  • (1)To provide better service matched to each customer by accessing to the account information (on our computer) by verifying customers.
  • (2)To validate effectiveness of the Company’s e-commerce. Unique cookies to validate effectiveness of link are provided to customers who have visited the website from the website of our e-commerce partner company. These information are used for advertisement targeted to customer’s interests and behavioral patterns or are used to evaluate relationship with the customers through e-commerce.
  • (3)To track contents of shopping cart.
  • (4)To track numbers of entries and progress of promotional campaigns, prize drawings, and contests.
  • (5)To measure traffic pattern, which field of our website visitors have accessed or accessing pattern as a whole. Such information gathered by cookies are sometimes called “click stream”.

Differences and similarities of customer’s behavioral patterns of these information are analyzed to improve customer’s experience of our website. These information are also useful in customizing contents displayed for accessed customers or other customers, banner ad or promotions, to be matched to each customer. Regarding cookies, you can choose whether to accept cookies or not. By changing browser setting, you can accept all cookies or reject all cookies or can get notification when cookie is set. If you set to reject all cookies, you will not be able to use service that requires registration.

■Where do Collected Data Go?

Personal information inputted in our website are provided within our company or to related company. Our website contains links to various third party websites. These websites provide additional information, products, service and promotions. These websites are owned and operated without any relation with XEBIO and operated based on different Privacy Policy and Data Collection Policy. Information provided to these websites is subject to Privacy Policy of that website. We do not take any responsibility in the actions taken in these websites, or for the contents of these websites or Privacy Policy.

Security Measures and Management of personal information

■About Management Structure.

We exercise proper and strict control over handling personal information of customers by appointing management representative. We do not only prevent leakage to the outside of company, but also strive for protection of personal information of customers by taking security measures of appropriate and reasonable level to the risks such as fraudulent access from the outside. Regarding access to the data base etc. related to personal information, we will control strictly to prevent unauthorized use of the information also within the office by limiting people who have access right to these information.
Also, in order to improve managerial level, we may outsource part of management of personal information to subcontractors. We will compel appropriate management to subcontractors to prevent leakage of personal information and fraudulent access etc.

■Using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)

In our website, most secure encryption technology on the Internet Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used in the page you register your personal information. This SSL protocol provides server authentication, data consistency and privacy on the web. By this security measure, personal information is protected from fraud, eavesdropping or otherwise destruction by other people. In SSL, not only personal or money-related information including credit card information are encrypted, but it also verify the identity of the server and confirm that message has sent to the right person.
However, there is no such thing as 100% security when it comes to Internet data transfer. In other words, we make the making best effort to protect personal information of the customers, but we are not able to guarantee safety of any information sent to or from XEBIO through this website. Thus, we request you to use our website on your own responsibility. After receiving the contents sent by you, we will make utmost efforts to ensure security under the system of our company.

■How is Information Used

Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to improve order processing and to be able to contact you in the unlikely case of trouble. You will be asked such input of information at the time of purchase. We also use this data to customize your browsing and shopping experience, including the interactive content and other services you see.
In our website, we also offer surveys and message boards which asks you for the input of personal information. Information provided here will be used for designing or manufacturing better products, customization of online shopping experience and advice on purchasing product or services, or providing recommended products. You can choose whether to use these services or not.
The customer data we collect is also used in marketing and advertising. This type of ad is Banner ad or e-mail ad in the e-mails sent by XEBIO or third party who have signed in the agreement with XEBIO. We conduct surveys about demographic data, interest and behavioral patterns of customers based on the information obtained from purchase, promotion, surveys and server log file. Purpose of this survey is for the better understandings of customers to provide better service. The information used in this research is summarized for analysis so that no individual person can be identified. This summarized data may be provided to our partners.
As noted above, we will clearly define the purpose for collecting personal information in advance.
In the event that this information becomes necessary beyond the purpose clearly stated at the time of collection, XEBIO will contact you in advance to inform you of its purpose. You are free to refuse this by your own judgment if you disagree with purpose proposed at that time.
Providing your personal information is voluntary. You may refuse to provide personal information on your own judgment. However, please be noted that in case personal information is indispensable for providing service, you may not be able to take full advantage of such services without providing your personal information.

■Range of Use of Information.

XEBIO does not provide your personal information to third parties except as noted in this Privacy Policy or elsewhere on this website, or without your permission. However, we do share information with our affiliated companies. Additionally, it may become necessary to provide some personal information to service providers or carriers for purchases requiring continuing or other after-sales service.
As part of certain products, services, and promotional campaigns, we may share your personal information with partners which we judged as trustful and bounded by non-disclosure agreements. We may disclose such personal information when there are enough reason to believe it is necessary to do so in order to identify, contact, or take legal action regarding suspected illegal activities including violations of terms and conditions of this website, other person’s rights or violation of XEBIO’s or other person’s property rights.
We may disclose or access such information when we persuade oneself that it is legally necessary to do so based on principle of faith and trust.
We may also match data between customer information and third party information to deepen understanding of our customers. (Customer profiling.) Furthermore, we may disclose aggregated data from individual customers to explain our website to partners, advertisers and other parties by legal demand.

■What You Can Do to Protect Your Personal Information

Providing your personal information is voluntary. You may refuse to provide personal information on your own judgment. However, please be noted that in case personal information is indispensable for providing service, you may not be able to take full advantage of such services without providing your personal information.
XEBIO and our partners may provide customers with email and direct mailings about our products and services. You may choose not to receive these informational mailings at the time you enter your personal information, and you may cancel at any time thereafter by following the directions enclosed with each mailing.
We may request your email address when you make orders, filling surveys or drawing sweepstakes etc, for confirmation or contacting for winning prize. In case you used such services. You may receive emails related to such promotional campaigns automatically if you use these services. These emails may include advertisements. If you do not wish to receive advertisements by mail, please refrain from using these services.
You are also free to choose whether to accept cookies through this Site or not. You can choose to accept, reject or receive notifications when cookies are set by changing browser setting.
Finally, we ask that parents and guardians to give attention to children’s Internet use and providing personal information on the Internet can be dangerous.

■Making Corrections to Collected Information.

Please send an email to the contact personnel of XEBIO in the event that you need or desire to correct, change or display personal information entered on our website, or remove yourself from a mailing list. To prevent leakage of personal information to unauthorized third parties, we will comply with such requests only in case we can verify your identity.

■Other Confidential Information Other Than Personal Information.

Please do not send XEBIO any confidential information (your own or any other confidential information you have) that is not essential to your use of this Site. Any unnecessary information sent to XEBIO through this website will automatically be considered and handled as non-confidential. (“Non-confidential Information”) You agree that XEBIO reserves the right to use any and all ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques or the like contained in such non-confidential information for any purpose whatsoever and without your express consent. Additionally, it is forbidden to post or transfer any information or data to or from this website which might be illegal, blackmailing, slandering, backbiting, or lead to legal responsibility.

■Scope of Application Of This Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to data and information handled on or through this website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this policy.

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