Social Media Policy

In the official account of social media, as a social media policy, we XEBIO Group will comply with behaviors and basic manners as stipulated below.

【Purpose of This Policy】

Realizing and taking responsibility when transmitting information and responding in social media.

XEBIO Group understand that a large indefinite number of users with various backgrounds and reasons can access to the information published on the Internet. When transmitting information, we strictly adhere to laws and regulations and code of conduct specified by XEBIO Group and are fully aware that transmission of information of each individual have an impact.

Promoting Marketing Communication by Sharing Information Appropriately

We believe that strengthening the bonds between employees of XEBIO Group and stakeholders through communication will not only heighten the value of each employees but it will contribute greatly to elevating XEBIO Group brand.

【Precautions When Using Social Media】

As an individual with the ability to make sensible judgements

  • ・Make sure to first listen to the opinions of other users on social media.
  • ・Be responsible for transmitting information and responding in social media and be careful not to give misleading information.
  • ・Learn from experience. Widely share that experience within and outside of the company to contribute to the development other individuals and communities.
  • ・Understand that we cannot completely delete information once they are published.
  • ・Carry out your duty in day-to-day operations.

Guidance and Request to All Customers and Users.

Transmission of information by XEBIO Group (employees of XEBIO Group) in social media are do not always representing official announcements and views of the Company. Official announcements are published in the website of XEBIO Group through announcements and press releases.

Social Media Guidelines

【Purpose and Background of Establishing Guidelines】

This guideline is intended for those who act on behalf of employees of XEBIO Group and Group itself and is aimed to promote active utilization of social media for personal use and to balance it with appropriate risk management. We actively recommend each employees to utilize social media to acquire knowledge and to exchange opinions. On the other hand, remarks on the social media can lead to wide repercussions and eventually can affect the reputation of our company. Therefore, apart from our Code of Conduct for employees, the following summarizes our basic principles based on features of social media.

【XEBIO Group Social Media Guideline for Employees】

1.Always Act with Honesty and Sincerity.

Social media is an open place where a large indefinite number of people gather. It is the expected behavior in social media to act with honesty and sincerity in all activities and such behavior will prevent problems. Whether to declare your professional affiliation and real name or act under anonymity is left to the judgement of each person. However, even if you post under anonymity, it is relatively easy to identify author from contents of the posts and identity of the peoples you have interacted with. Whether you post under your real name or under anonymity, be cautious with common sense and good manners as a member of the society.

2.Always Post Disclaimer.

Please mention in an area that is displayed prominently such as profile that remarks in the personal account is not the official view or comments as a company. (Example: “Posted contents are my personal opinions and they do not represent views of the department and company I belong to.”) Although we respect freedom of speech and freedom of thought, please be conscious of how comments will be received from eyes of a third party. Do not use Company related logos or trademarks in the contents or profile.

3.Respect Third Party Copyrights and Portrait Rights.

Be cautious not to do things that falls under the category of violation of third party rights (includes rights of XEBIO Group), such as posting copyrighted work of personal photos, blog content without prior consent and using celebrity’s or character’s face and icons.

4.Refrain from Posting Remarks about Business Performance or Managerial Strategies.

Please strictly refrain from making remarks about business performance, business plan and strategic direction even if you have posted disclaimer. The same policy applies when you are asked directly about unreleased matters of XEBIO Group. Inserting a disclaimer which explains the content is personal opinion does not imply that there is not information that should not be disclosed.

5.Please Refrain from Staging Remarks and Making Remarks Which Can Lead to Misunderstandings.

Meaningful statements on the social media of employees will elevate brand value of XEBIO. On the contrary, unnatural behavior such as consecutive post of effusive praise for our products and services will give a sense of distrust.

6.Please Refrain from Criticizing Other Companies.

Please know that competitor firms are following your account and paying attention to your remarks. Remarks which wrongly lower other company’s products and services are strictly prohibited. Please be extremely cautious when mentioned another company’s products or services.

7.Do Not Be Confrontational or Get Involved in a Third Party’s Confrontation.

Please refrain from behaviors such as picking up or provoking a confrontation, inflating a situation or arguing. Avoid conflict over thought and ideologies even if you have a different opinion.

8.Be Cautious Not to Post Client Information or Sensitive Information.

It may be obvious to protect an individual’s confidentiality, but sharing information such as a celebrity visiting a store privately or for a promotional photo shoot also falls into this category. Be aware that this type of information leading to legal issues is rapidly increasing.

9. Please Carefully Review the Contents You Are Trying to Post.

Please know that anonymity is not guaranteed in social media. All behavior can be completely released to all societies. Understand that it is extremely difficult to completely delete the information once it is published. Contents of a post may be thought up in an instance, but if this is forwarded or copied it can remain on the web forever. Press “Post” button after carefully reviewing your remark.
If there is any mistake in the remark, correct it immediately and announce it officially on your own. Please be fully aware that the behavior of each individual can influence the trust, reputation and evaluation of XEBIO Group.

10. Protect all the Business Partners of XEBIO Group

Business of XEBIO Group is supported by many business partners and it is very important to protect confidential information of our business partners. Please refrain from posting remarks about behaviors of business partners without prior consent. Also refrain from posting remarks which enable readers to identify companies and individuals mentioned in the remark. Please give consideration so as not to penalize business partners. Please be aware that both the individual and the company can become opposing parties of legal dispute such as slandering and breaking confidentiality depending on the circumstances.

11. Let’s Willingly Share Information Related to XEBIO Group within the Office.

Please share important descriptions, beneficial information or information about risks related to product & services of XEBIO Group found on the social media with related departments in a timely manner. Please avoid denying or making a rebuttal statement by the judgement of the individual on the spot even if you find negative reputation which contains misinterpretation of facts. We will take the appropriate responses after examining the contents.

12.Use Social Media Services without Interfering with Routine Work.

Although it is recommended to use social media since collecting and transmitting information on the social media are meaningful, it will defeat the purpose if you are ignoring routine work by devoting yourself too much in social media. Utilize social media with common sense and in a way it will benefit the individual and the company.
※This guideline will be revised in a timely manner adapting with future trends of social media as well as evaluation of use within the company.