Stakeholder Communication

Moving Forward Together with Our Customers

Offering total support to our customers through sports

“A customer came to the store. She was going to run in a full marathon for the first time. ‛I came to get some compression tights to protect my knees because I suffered from knee damage in the past. I have no idea which kind to select. The compression tights are so expensive!’ I explained to her the effects of compression tights on the human body together with their mechanism. I also showed and explained to her about insoles that would decrease the burden on the knee. She finally bought both the tights and insoles that I showed her. ‛I am very satisfied with the service. The salesperson explained the mechanism of the human body and the importance of compression tights in a way that was easy to understand.’”“I received a message from the customer after the marathon race was over. ‛I was able to run the full marathon. Thank you so much for your support.’ I was as happy as if it had been about myself. ‛I will visit the store again in the future. I hope you can help me out again. Thank you so much.’”Customers with a variety of needs visit our XEBIO stores. We are very grateful to our customers who have selected our XEBIO stores over many others, and given us the pleasure of serving them. We will continue to conduct business with the customer-first principle in mind so that we can establish good relationships with customers and continue to provide services that exceed their expectations.

Moving Forward Together with Our Employees

Realizing customers’ wishes through sports
  • We, XEBIO Group, have the spirit of “X-DNA” which means:
  • – Spirit of initiative so that all of the employees can think and act independently
  • – Spirit of hospitality to create an atmosphere of pleasure and enjoyment for our customers through the total attention and service given to them by our staff
  • – Spirit of change for constant enhancement and improvement of services

We strive to supply our customers with various types of added values through our everyday services and imagine the pleasure produced by these added values. We continue to work ceaselessly to supply our customers with added values according to their rapidly changing needs. “X-DNA” describes the importance of providing customer service that is sincere and genuine. This is done with the staff’s total attention to customers together with their attitude of putting the customer first. This “X-DNA” spirit has been passed down since the establishment of the company. At XEBIO Group, many current and former athletes are working as staff members. They are able to work in an environment where “sports” are always near them. Also, by combining their knowledge and experience with the spirit of “X-DNA,” customers and others associated with XEBIO Group are given the opportunity to obtain larger added values from them. We believe in the power of sports. We think that sports have the capability to change and affect various facets of life in the future. All staff members working at XEBIO Group believe in the power of sports and will keep the spirit of “X-DNA” in their mind when they assist customers to realize their wishes through sports.

Moving Forward Together with Our Business Partners

Bonding through sports

Business partners are one of our most important stakeholders. By strengthening cooperation with our suppliers, we can provide goods tha satisfy customers by responding to their diversified needs. Retailing is XEBIO Group’s core business and it is the “final runner” that delivers goods to customers. Retailing is responsible for handing over a “baton full of messages” from the people involved in the creation, distribution and final delivery of the goods, including manufacturers. At the same time, retailing is in the position of listening to the voices of the customers who receive the goods. We think it is our mission to obtain feedback from customers and convey it to the people concerned. We will actively construct a relationship with these people to increas customer satisfaction. We share the motto of “having all users of our products feel satisfaction” with our business partners and bond with them to deepen ou collaboration. We will construct a “win-win” relationship together to ensure continued growth.

Moving Forward Together with Our Shareholders

Conveying the value of sports

XEBIO Group’s main IR activities include holding a semi-annual meeting for institutional investors and the media to present financial results, disclosure of quarterly earnings, and occasionally attending small-group meetings held by securities companies. In addition, we post “short-term financial results,” “earnings announcement materials” and a “business report” as well as monthly data for year-on-year change in sales and the press release on our website. We are committed to providing transparency of our company’s financial position to our shareholders. As we hope that our shareholders become customers of XEBIO Group stores, we present those who own a certain number of stocks with the “Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket.” This ticket can be used at each of XEBIO Grou stores. We expect that our shareholders will visit our stores, see the merchandise close at hand, deepen their interest in sports, and realize the joy of sports. With a focus on maintaining a good long-term relationship with shareholders, we aim at ensuring shareholder return in line with our policy of “mid- to long-term shareholder return based on stable dividend payments.”